Merlin veterinary respirator

for small animals ventilation

Modes: spontaneous, controled and assisted

Can accurately deliver volume within a 1ml to 800mls range. Merlin can be pressure-cycled, volume cycled or time-cycled

One ventilator for all your small animals with spontaneous, controlled and assisted modes.

Key features

Merlin respirator can be combined with any type of Anestéo workstation.

  • Precise, reliable control over all ventilation parameters
  • Pressure cycled, Time cycled or Volume cycled IPPV
  • Merlin veterinary ventilator uses a precisely-controlled piston that can accurately deliver volume within a 1ml to 800mls range.
  • The inspiratory and expiratory times are fully and independently variable without the need to re-adjust after changes in flow rates or volumes.
  • A pressure control allows you to set the maximum allowable pressure during volume cycling or the target pressure during pressure cycling.
  • A further added feature is the inspiratory assist control that will tune the ventilator to your animal during recovery and so assist weaning from the ventilator..
  • Disconnect and over-pressure alarms


  • Capacity: 1ml to 40mls in 1ml increments
  • 40mls to 120 mls in 5ml increments
  • 120mls to 800mls in 10ml increments
  • Flow rates: 0.1 to 3.5L/minute in 0.1L increments
  • 3.5 to 25.0 L/minute in 0.5L increments
  • Inspiratory/Expiratory times: 0.5 to 9.0 seconds in 0.1second increments
  • Pressure settings: 1 to 57 cm H2O pressure in 1 cm H2O increments
  • Inspiratory assist setting: -1 to –10 cm H2O pressure in 1cm H2O increments
  • Valves: Electrically operated solenoid valves. Stainless steel & silicon construction
  • Alarm mode: Audible – 2kHz buzzer. Visual – Flashing red LED and screen message
  • Gas connections: Front fixing 22mm O/D, 15mm I/D stainless steel ports.
  • Power failure mode: All valves open. Manual IPPV can be performed.

Size in mm:

450 x 200 x 340 – Weight: 17kg


Information displayed on screen

  • Tidal Volume, minute Volume
  • Inspiratory and Expiratory Airway Pressure, I:E Ratio
  • Animal Compliance
  • Respiratory Rate, Inspiratory Time, Expiratory Time
  • Maximum allowed airway pressure

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