U-PLUG filters

for veterinary anesthesia

Innovation, efficiency and cost-effectiveness

The U-Plug® veterinary anesthesia filters eliminate all traces of halogenated gases in your working room.

11 times more efficient and cost-effective.

We are distributors of F/Air filters in France and we also designed our own series of innovative filters, the U-Plug®.

Concerning the U-Plug® filters, our R&D department has completely reviewed the fundamentals of traditional anesthesia gases filtering techniques with activated carbon. Three major innovations have been included in these filters, which impact on your comfort, your savings and your health.


Positive consequences of these innovations:

  • Far less pollution. U-Plug filters are 11 times more efficient increasing the protection of your health and the working conditions and environment.
  • Lots of savings on purchase of activated carbons. For a given quantity of those carbons, our U-Plug filters are 10 to 11 times more efficient .
  • Foolproof and airtight quick connection (and disconnection) from the AST-00 or AST-01 veterinary anesthesia workstations.
  • Our filters dont get easily saturated, thanks to their specific shapes.
Filtres U-plug sécurisés pour anesthésie gazeuse animale by Anestéo

Permanent check-up of filter’s status

Our U-Plug filters with their patented design prevents the diffusion of gas into the working environment.

One of the effects of this automated mutifactorial control is the ability to accurately PREDICT the U-Plug filter capacity BEFORE the operation you are going to conduct. The quality of your working conditions and your health are then preserved by our patented device.

The U-Plug® series of innovative filters allow you to obtain three main goals:

  • Eradicates «guess work» concerning the filters saturation point, and omits the risk of discarding good functional filters.
  • Eliminates the ‘using of’ saturated filters, which is hazardous for your health.
  • Results in working in safe and a healthy environment.

More importantly we do not use the same artificial process as our competitor’s, to indicate when a filter is reaching saturation and is going to be inefficient. Instead of estimating ‘time’ in which a filter will be saturated, we have a patented sensor measuring and predicting the upcoming saturation. When a U-Plug filter is fitted into the AST-01 anesthesia workstation, a filter control system is triggered and starts to operate. What it does:

  • This is a MULTIFACTORIAL automated check-up of the level of saturation for the filters, calculated according to the weight of the animal, the species, gas concentration and NOT only a clock-based estimate.
  • This automated check-up is made in REAL TIME.

≤ 2 ppm: no risk of health problems due to halogenated gases.

When used on the AST-01 gazeous anesthesia machine and the Anestéo anesthesia induction box or chamber, the U-Plug® filter guarantee the weakest proportion of halogenated gases (isoflurane, sevoflurane oo other) in the room where you are working. Our percentages of gases are far lower than the ones recommended by the harshest finnish regulations, inspired by the US rules in this domain. The average recommended value not to exceed is 10 ppm (parts per million) in the ambient atmosphere of the room. Our AST-01 along with our boxes and U-Plugs filters allow you to never reach a max limit of 2 ppm in the room. For more details on those values, please refer to these two pages: « protection against halogenated gases » & « exposure to gases close to zero »..

Possibility of changing a filter during the animal anesthesia operation

Connecting the U-Plug filter on the AST-01 is a question of Plug-&-Play. The mechanical and electronical designs are made in such a way that the circuitry remains airtight, even when changing a filter during the process of an anesthesia operation.

Why protecting the operator’s health during the gaseous anesthesia processes?

The maximum percentage of Isoflurane or Sevoflurane allowed is 2 ppm for maximum safety. However, in some cases measurements close to 2,000 to 4,000 ppm have been noted in a confined perimeter close to some non-Anestéo induction boxes without seals or locking system. Working in an environment with such a level of gas results in a loss of vigilance and possible dizziness. When working with needles or scalpels the risk of severe accidents therefore increases dramatically.

Anestéo has made a conscious and ethical stand against this potential danger for our clients. This is the main reason for the development of our patented seal for the induction box, along with our recycling devices within the masks and boxes and our U-Plug filters that we design and manufacture.

Our Anestéo anti-pollution system is one of the units we use in our constant aim to protect the operator’s health when going through a gaseous anesthesia procedure.

Important for you.   Hence, important for us.

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