Tafonius, anesthesia and ventilator unit

for large animals

A superior device able to deliver ventilatory support for equine, marine mammal and others.

Designed for the veterinary professions, this large animals anesthesia machine with integral ventilator delivers ventilatory support for large animals while administering inhalant anesthetics.

Tafonius will consume less oxygen, less anesthetic gas and generate less pollution than others. This machine has features desired by large animal practitioners across the board, equine, marine mammal and zoo veterinarians.

The good quantity of anesthesia gas. No excess, no shortage.

Tafonius exists in several models. The unit has the ability to generate any inspiratory and expiratory waveform desired. All versions are relatively small, more stable, easier to clean and in every respect more economical to run than any machine currently on the market.

Key Features


  • 20L maximum tidal volume capacity. No pressurised gas required
  • Independent control of Tidal Volume, Inspiratory time and Respiratory rate
  • Reported values for Minute Volume, Inspiratory flow rate, Expiratory time and I:E ratio
  • Servo mode for spontaneously breathing patients, prior to IPPV
  • Adjustable FiO2 and CPAP


  • Closed circle system with 3kg CO2 absorber
  • 0-10L/minute Oxygen control
  • Supports Halothane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Desflurane and Enflurane
  • Oxygen flush

Tafonius will consume less oxygen, less anesthetic and generate less pollution.

The anesthesia machine portion of Tafonius will be fully operable manually in the event of catastrophic computer failures.


  • Single Lead ECG
  • End-tidal and Inspired CO2.
  • Inspired/Expired Oxygen levels.
  • Inspired/Expired anesthesia agent concentration for 5 agents.
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Pulse-Oximetry
  • Invasive Blood pressure
  • Airway pressure

Size in mm

Width 787 x Depth 914 x Hight 1803

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