SAV04 small animal ventilator

adapted to animals from 10 g to 10 kg

veterinary clinics & laboratories

It uses the gas coming from an anesthesia workstation.

It uses the gas coming from an anesthesia workstation.

SAV04 multipurpose intubation head

SAV04 is a safe, simple, pressure-cycled ventilation for small animals. It uses the gas coming from an anesthesia workstation.

SAV04 monitors the gas during the inspiration phase until it reaches a pre-set pressure threshold. There is an automatic over-pressure alarm that will sound if the target pressure is exceeded by 8cm. There is also an alarm if the animal happens to be disconnected from the ventilator, or if no back-pressure is detected during the inspiratory phase.

Main features

  • Ventilates safely in pressure cycling mode
  • Displays the measured inspiration time
  • Displays the measured respiratory rate
  • Displays a pressure bar graph during inspiration
  • May work on its internal battery

Technical Specifications

  • Intended use: domestic animals up to 12kg in weight (up to 40kg with high flow rates)
  • Anesthesia apparatus configuration: T-piece with fresh gas and anesthesia agent in a non-rebreathing circuit
  • Mode of operation: IPPV by outlet occlusion. Pressure-cycled/pressure limited device
  • Preset trigger range: 1-60 centimeters water pressure
  • Resolution: 1 centimeter water pressure
  • Expiratory phase range: 0.1 to 60 seconds
  • Respiratory rate range: 1 to 120 breaths/minute (depending on inspiratory fresh gas flow rate)
  • Connection to a PC for data record and further analysis.

Outer dimensions in mm:

170 wide x 170 deep x 95 high – Weight 1.2 kg

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