SAR-1000 ventilation system

for rodents

All-in-one compact & versatile workstation

Ideal rodents ventilator system for rats, guinea pigs and mice. Used in preclinical research laboratories or veterinary clinics

The SAR-1000 is a compact and versatile rodents ventilator system for rats, guinea pigs and mice.

Driven through a USB port, settings such as respiratory rate, tidal volume, end-inspiratory pressure, I/E ratio and more are set directly from the front panel.

2 operating modes: pressure or volume-cycled operation

  • Volume cycled ventilation: the ventilator delivers a fixed and stable volume
  • Intra-pulmonary volume cycled ventilation: the ventilator does not go over a preset pressure threshold.

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Standard features:

  • Wide tidal volume and rate range
  • User-friendly set-up and operation
  • Direct display of Tidal volume & all parameters
  • Remote control via USB port
  • Safe with oxygen and anesthesia
  • Multi-animal set-ups
  • Respiratory rate range: 5 – 200 breaths/min
  • Tidal Volume range: 0.2 – 35ml
  • Inspiration/Expiration range (%Insp): 10 – 90%
  • Inspiratory flow range: 10 – 1000 ml/minute
  • Pressure control range: 0 – 50.0 cmH2O
  • Internal air pump capacity: 3 lpm @ 5psi (0.34 bar)

Size in mm

230 wide x 100 high x 230 deep