MRI-1 respirator for imagers

designed for high magnetic fields

Compact, autonomous & non-magnetic.

Designed for use in MRI and other high magnetic field environment.

The MRI-1 ventilator is a small animal respirator for imagers, designed for use in MRI and other high magnetic field environment.

This respirator for imagers comprises a set of remote, pneumatically operated, non-metallic valves.

The MRI-1 can operate by itself or can be controlled and/or monitored by a computer. Respiratory airflow is provided by an internal airpump. Alternatively, an external pressurized gas source can be attached (oxygen or anesthetic gas).

Setting up and operating the MRI-1 is easy. Only three controls are required. Respiratory rate is set in breaths/minute; the Flow rate is set using the front-panel flowmeter (and measured internally by a mass flowmeter); and the Percentage of Inspiration is set to establish the ratio of inspiration to expiration time (I/E ratio). All respiratory parameters are shown on the front-panel LCD display. The tidal volume and minute ventilation reflecting the current settings are also continuously displayed, and can easily be changed by adjusting the Flow rate.

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Main features:

  • Non-magnetic pneumatic valves
  • Dependable all-electronic ventilator
  • Wide tidal volume and rate range
  • Mice to Guinea pig size
  • Safe with oxygen and anesthesia
  • Direct readout of volume and rate
  • Respiratory rate range: 5 – 150 breaths/min
  • Inspiratory flow range: 50 – 1000ml/min
  • Inspiration/Expiration (I/E ratio) range: 20 – 80%
  • Tidal volume range: .1 – 30ml
  • Manual control functions: HOLD (suspends inspiration), MAN (manual inflation)

Size in mm

Main unit: 230 W x 140 H x 230 D in. (23 x 14 x 23cm)

Pneumatic valve (each of two): 25 dia x 47 long, in. (47 x 25mm).