Veterinary anesthesia masks

with halogenated gas extraction

Specifically designed for use with rats and mice

The Anestéo veterinary anesthesia masks have a very special design for optimizing the breathing process, with maximum health protection for the operator.

The Anestéo mask has a very special design for optimizing the breathing process.

Lower on this page: custom design of specific masks.

  • Maximum health protection for the operator (no exposure to halogenated gases),
  • Drastic reduction of halogenated gas consumption,
  • Stable narcosis,
  • Easy to adjust.

Also see our custom made masks and our masks for stereotactic frames.

Our masks are compatible with:

  • Any type of Anestéo gas anesthesia units (for other brands please ask us).
  • ANP2011A Anestéo halogenated gas extractor.

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Components list:

  • 3 parts made of polycarbonate :
    • Inner part for halogenated gas injection.
    • Inner part for halogenated gas extraction.
    • Mouse adaptor.
  • Silicone membrane.
  • Decontamination membrane for H2O2 or peroxyde.


  • Anestéo may provide you with a piercing hole punch to perfectly adjust the masks silicone membranes to the rodents.
  • Our Design Department can provide you with any type of customized masks, similar to what we did for the «See and Hear» Institute in Paris (Institut Voir & Entendre, Paris). See some exemples below.

Custom design of veterinary anesthesia masks

How to make the best use of Anestéo’s skills and experience ? We can help you by designing a mask depending on your use, such as Imagers, stereotactic frames, etc.

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Fabrication sur mesure d'un masque rat ou souris pour cadre de stereotaxie
Fabrication 3D sur mesure d'un masque rat ou souris