Mask for stereotactic frame

for safer animal anesthesia

custom made rodent mask

Manufactured by Anestéo Design Department, this rodent mask for a stereotactic frame is easy to clean and stabilizes the animal position within the frame.

Manufactured by our Design Department, this mask for a stereotactic frame is also compatible with any type of Anestéo gas anesthesia units (for other brands please ask us).

High level of safety

Key advantages of the Anestéo mask for stereotactic frame:

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduces gas consumption
  • Very high safety level when using halogenated gases
  • Firmly secures the animal in place, like with your usual toothbar.

Technical features:


  • Mask for rats and guinea pigs (50 mm outside diameter) with locking valve.
  • Inner cylinder for anesthesia gases injection.
  • Outer cylinder for gas extraction.
  • Horizontal mobility on the tooth-bar, therefore allowing an easy positioning of the animal.
  • Lateral locking knob.
  • Upper knob for maintaining muzzle in place.
  • The inner cylinder can be extracted from the outer one in order to facilitate cleaning.

Custom design of veterinary rodents masks


Our R&D design department may design the perfect rodents mask for you, tailored to your specific needs, like this special masks for ophtalmology or stereotaxy or compatible with imagers, etc… See some examples on the lower part of the Veterinary anesthesia masks page on this web site.

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