Rodents post-anesthesia chamber

with oxygen therapy and heated floor

efficient against hypothermia

After a long chirurgical operation, the Anestéo post-anesthesia chamber helps stabilizing the rodent metabolism through a continuous flow of oxygen (oxygen therapy) and a heating floor.

After long surgery, this chamber is designed for keeping the animal warm and stable due to the embedded heating platform.

Wake up box technical features:

  • Due to its red inner partition, this box may be partitioned in 1, 2 or 4 compartments, each animal can therefore be isolated.
  • Self-locking hinges so that the lid can be kept open.
  • The lid’s weight is sufficient to keep it closed when needed.
  • 4 gas injection inlet (one for each compartment) with quick connection socket.
  • Removable easy-to-clean heating floor.

Supply and extraction characteristics:

  • Oxygenotherapy through a 0-20 litres/min flowmeter (gantry or wall-mounted).
  • Supply through an O² bottle or O² concentrator

Outer size in mm:

  • 420 long x 320 wide x 150 high


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