Antipollution kit

protection against halogenated gases

adapted to the F/AIR activated carbons filters

Adapted to the F/AIR filters, our antipollution kit increases your protection against halogenated gases.

This anti-pollution «active filtration/extraction» system significantly increases the operator’s health by protecting against the effects of halogenated gas leakages in the working environment. The carbon filters can be quickly replaced when needed.

Protection of operator’s health…

The presence of Isoflurane or Sevoflurane in a working environment (laboratory or veterinary clinic) implies significant risks for the user’s health. The consequences vary and can include loss of awareness and even dizziness which when working with needles or scalpels. It can result in work related high risk accidents. In order to avoid the most frequent and common accidents when dealing with anesthesia, Anestéo developed the airtight induction box and seal, exclusive to Anestéo, along with our gas extraction and recycling devices within our AST-00 or AST-01 animal anesthesia systems.

Our Anestéo anti-pollution system is one of our many devices originally designed in relation with our constant battle to protect the operators health.

  • Anestéo antipollution device generates a permanent gas re-aspiration close to the rodents mask.
  • Automated quick extraction when opening the Anestéo Induction Box (or Induction Chamber).

Outer size in mm:

240 long x 240 wide x 300 high.

Technical features:

This solution is compatible with any type of Anestéo gas anesthesia units (for other brands, ask us) and the F/AIR activated carbon filters.

  • Connection to the Air or Oxygen outlet.
  • Easy placement and removal of the filters.
  • Possibility to connect the exhaust outlet to your centralized gas extraction circuit.

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