100% airtight induction box

for securized animal anesthesia

with innovative lock-unlock device

The Anestéo induction box (induction chamber) is 100% airtight due to the innovative fast lock-unlock system and the exclusive silicone seal.

Innovative fast lock-unlock lid and seal exclusive to Anestéo.

Our induction box (induction chamber) is 100% airtight due to the innovative fast lock-unlock system and the exclusive silicone seal. When connected to the AST-01 inhalation anesthesia workstation, this innovative lock-unlock sensor automatically triggers the gas filling and emptying operations.

100% airtight = users safety

Why does Anestéo insist on protecting the health of the operator during gaseous anesthesia processes?

The maximum percentage of Isoflurane or Sevoflurane allowed per 8 hours is 2 ppm for maximum safety. However, the measurement close to some induction boxes without seals or locking systems has been recorded around 2,000 to 4,000 ppm. It has been proved that operating in a work environment with such a high level of gas results with a loss of vigilance and possible dizziness. When working with needles or scalpels the risk of severe accidents increase dramatically.

Anestéo has made a conscious and ethical stand against this potential danger for our clients. This is the main reason for the development of the innovative, exclusive seal for the induction box, along with our gas extraction and recycling devices within our AST-00 or AST-01 animal anesthesia systems.

Another positive consequence of using our 100% airtight anesthesia induction boxes is that no pre-injecting of halogenated gas is required before placing the animal inside. This decreases the amount of gas loss and therefore reduces cost and drastically decreases the risk of exposure to halogenated gas.

Technical specifications


The induction box is fully compatible with any type of Anestéo anesthesia monitoring equipment. For other brands please contact us.

  • Anestéo safety system
  • ANP2011A halogenated gas extractor system.

Components list:

  • Lid with 100% airtightness guaranteed by patented silicone seal and locking handle
  • Easy to replace seal (a do-it-yourself kit is provided)
  • Gas contactor holder

Inner size in mm:

  • Standard model: 220 long x 128 wide x 100 high (Vol : 2.8 liters).
  • Mouse model: 150 long x 130 wide x 50 high (Vol : 0.97 liters)

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