mobile veterinary anesthesia machine

on a compact mobile cart.

Compact, upgradable, this version of the Anestéo AST00 is a mobile veterinary anesthesia machine perfectly suited for mobile applications.

Compact, upgradable and fully securised, this AST-00 on a mobile cart is perfectly suited for mobile applications.


According to your needs, this mobile AST-00 version may also include :

  • Flowmeters (Air, O², CO², N²O).
  • 1 evaporator (Tec 3, Tec 5, Tec 7, Dräger – Isoflurane or Sevoflurane).
  • 1 in–out synchronized distribution block therefore impossible to forget to trigger the aspiration-filtration !
  • 1 air compressor (or link to your air pipes or air bottles).
  • 1 oxygen generator (or link to your O² pipes or O² bottles).


In case you prefer a semi-automated veterinary inhalation anesthesia workstation (behaving like a smart assistant with embedded calcucalions of doses of halogenated gases according to weight ans species of animal), go to the AST01 anesthesia workstation page.

The mobile cart includes:

  • 1 resin-made lower deck, 20 mm thick.
  • 1 induction box holder.
  • Aluminium uprights, epoxy lacquered (RAL 6027).
  • 4 swivel castors, 2 of them fitted with locking brakes.
  • 8mm thick resin based upper deck and console with silk-screen prints.
  • Options : Bottle holder, power supply…

Size in mm:

  • Size : width 650 – depth 500 – height 1465.
  • Working deck : width 600 – depth 400 – height 865.

The Anestéo rodent anesthesia workstation mounted on a mobile cart

Model shown here is fitted with a TEC 850 Isoflurane evaporator, which is the latest generation of GE Healthcare evaporator, fitted with an Easy-Fil® adapter. Anestéo is the sole distributor in France of GE Healthcare’s evaporators (contract #017738-01-01).

More details on the AST-00 mobile anesthesia workstation?

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