qualification & training

Maintaining your inhalation anesthesia units in good health

Quality Control, Trainings or Consultancy on your inhalation anesthesia units, euthanasia or autopsy equipment..

Anestéo provides personalized services such as Quality Control, Trainings or Consultancy on your inhalation anesthesia units, euthanasia or autopsy equipment.

We are known for performing quick and efficient after sales and predictive maintenance services on your anesthesia or euthanasia equipment, even on equipment not designed or manufactured by Anesteo.

Preventive maintenance, repairs and equipment certifications

Our staff has accumulated many years of experience in preventive and curative maintenance in the following 3 domains, anesthesia, euthanasia and autopsy. Anestéo also provides personalized services to our customers in terms of Quality Control operations, training and consultancy, even on animal anesthesia equipment NOT provided or manufactured by our company. To do so, we have:

  • A specialized technical department at your disposal
  • Many spare parts in our warehouse in France
  • A series of customised training sessions
  • Maintenance contracts adapted to your budgets.

Animal anesthesia equipment qualification

Our definition of “Qualification” is to ensure that your equipment performs within the most recent rules and regulations. Anestéo has a series of mobile tests and measuring devices for the Quality Control of your anesthesia, euthanasia and autopsy equipment on site, even when not initially provided by our company. A majority of our Quality Control procedures and tests focus on users’ safety and health. Our technical department has great knowledge about the various equipment available on the market and will first give you an accurate diagnosis prior to any maintenance provided.

anesthésie vétérinaire: test concentration halogéné santé chercheur


“Good Practice in Animal Anesthesia” training

Benefit from the Anestéo know-how and provide your teams and students with the most recent knowledge on animal anesthesia good practices or endotracheal intubations of rats and mice. Investing in this half-day training (or more if required) generates positives effects on:

Maintenance and quality control of your inhalation anesthesia units.

We have a wide set of control devices specialized in this domain and with which we can also perform qualification tests of your anesthesia, euthanasia or autopsy equipment. Amongst the different onsite operations, most of them focus on the safety and protection of the operators’ health. Our extensive knowledge of all other anesthesia equipment allows us to make a precise diagnosis prior to the maintenance operation itself.

Pollution and exposure to anesthesia gases:

  • Precise quantification of pollution (Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Formol, CO2, etc…)
  • Accurate measurement of operators’ exposure to these gases (Average, Peak and Minimum Levels of Exposure).
  • Leakage detection operation.

Other tests in gas anesthesia

  • Sonometres
  • Smoke testing
  • Lightmetre
  • Anemometre