Labstamp by somark
rodent tattooing machine

non-invasive, readable, persistent, fluorescent

Anestéo is the French distributor of the Somark rodent tattooing machine for rodents, alternative to the ear tag.

Anestéo is the French distributor of the Somark tattooing machine for rodents, a harmless and effective alternative to the ear tag or RFID implant (which would need an anesthesia). The Labstamp® System is a significant breakthrough in protecting the accuracy and integrity of scientific research.

Main assets of this tattooing machine

  • Intuitive operation -easy to setup and run.
  • Automatic alpha / numeric IDs.
  • More than 56,000 different easy-read possible identities.
  • Clear, legible and long lasting tattooing.
  • Uniform characters, clear and legible
  • No costly scanners or special readers required
  • Improves animal welfare, unnecessary trauma through short animal handling
  • No inconvenience after tattooing, no inflammation, no infection, no mutilation
  • Reduces cost and risk by eliminating study errors & complications associated with ID loss and infection
  • Dark or fluorescent inks.

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