Mice isolation box

to stabilize veterinary anesthesia

in your imager

Ideal for in vivo imaging (preclinical research), Anestéo introduces its airtight mice isolation box which keeps the rodents in a stable narcosis or anesthesia level.

Following requests from our customers using bioluminescence, our R&D Department designed this Isolation Box to keep the rodents in a stable anesthesia environment once inside imagers

Technical features

Compatible with:

  • Any type of Anestéo gas anesthesia units (for other brands, ask us).
  • ANP2011A Anestéo halogenated gas extractor.

Box components list:

  • Black PMMA box.
  • See-through lid.
  • Transparent bottom and removable black double bottom.
  • Removable inner partition for 5 mice.
  • Fitted with self-blocking gas inlet-outlet.
  • Closure by 4 stainless steel latches
  • 100% airtight silicone seal, easy to replace with our do-it-yourself kit.

Outer size in mm:

225 long x 200 wide x 250 high.

Why does Anestéo equipement play a major role in terms of safety and health issues?

The maximum percentage of Isoflurane or Sevoflurane allowed is 2 ppm for maximum safety. However, in some cases measurements close to 2,000 to 4,000 ppm have been noted in a confined perimeter close to some non-Anestéo induction boxes without seals or locking system. Working in an environment with such a level of gas results in a loss of vigilance and possible dizziness. When working with needles or scalpels the risk of severe accidents therefore increases dramatically. Anestéo has made a conscious and ethical stand against this potential danger for our clients. This is the main reason for the development of our patented seal for the induction box, along with our gas suction and recycling devices within the masks and boxes we design and manufacture.

Our Anestéo anti-pollution system is one of the units we use in our constant aim to protect the operator’s health when going through a gaseous anesthesia procedure.

Important for you. Hence, important for us.

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