F/AIR activated carbon filters

protection against halogenated gases

F/Air filters to prevent halogenated gases from polluting the working room.

F/Air activated carbon filters for veterinary anesthesia.

The Omnicon F/AIR activated carbon filters prevent the anesthesia gases (halogenated gases such as isoflurane, sevoflurane or else…) from going into the room’s ambient air.

Compact, disposable and maintenance free, this activated carbon filter is widely used today for filtering gases such as Isoflurane, lHalothane & Enflurane. For an automated mutifactorial controlled filter (11 x greater protection), you might want to have a look at the U-Plug page where you will check the effects of the automated mutifactorial control: PREDICTING the U-Plug filter capacity BEFORE the operation you are going to conduct. The quality of your working conditions and your health are then preserved by our patented device.

Technical features

  • Absorbing capacity ….50 gr. Never use with inflamable gases.
  • Average density….48 gr/cc
  • Vaccuum volumee….40%
  • Pressure drop….< 0.1 psi, soit 0.0069 bar
  • Average lifetime….12-15 heures
  • Electrical properties….nonconductor


Size in mm

150 High – 95 OD – Weight of activated carbon: 200 gr

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