AWS veterinary monitoring

for animals weighing from 0,15 to 7 kg

Anesthesia & ventilation.

Easy to use as both a basic respirator and a delivery source for inhalant anesthetics.

The Hallowell AWS veterinary monitoring and anesthesia workstation is easy to use as both a basic respirator and a delivery source for inhalant anesthetics.

Provided by Anestéo, this Anesthesia WorkStation is easy to use as both a basic respirator (irrespective of anesthetic regimen, gas or injectable) and a delivery source for inhalant anesthetics. It incorporates a time-cycled volume ventilator with an adjustable pressure safety limit. The AWS has proven itself to be well suited for both short and long term anesthetic procedures with animals ranging in weight from approximately 150g to 6 or 7 kg.

In procedures with these small animals the AWS has been used for mask inductions and the subsequent maintenance of spontaneously breathing masked or intubated patients as well as providing ventilatory support for the intubated patient for minutes or days at a time. The AWS has been used on diverse species such as rabbits, turtles, tamarin monkeys, woodchucks, crows, Cooper’s hawks, various ducks, Canada goose, snakes, rats, ferrets, owls and even cats and dogs.

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This system includes:

  • Oxygen Flow Meter, 0.2 to 1 lpm.
  • Oxygen Flush Button, 5 lpm interlocked with the expiratory phase of the breathing cycle for improved safety.
  • Connections to and from an anesthetic vaporizer.
  • Adjustable High Pressure Limit, 10 – 30 cmH2O as indicated on the 30 segment airway pressure bar graph.
  • High Breathing System Pressure Alarm
  • Airway Pressure Manometer in bar graph format, 0 – 30 cm H2O.
  • Low Breathing System Pressure Alarm
  • 0 – 100 ml Tidal Volume displacement ventilator tube.
  • 300 ml CO2 absorber.
  • Enclosed and heated breathing system chamber.
  • Rate Control, 4 – 80 breaths per minute and large LED display.
  • Standby/Ventilate switch and indicator.
  • Low Oxygen Supply Pressure Alarm
  • Alarm Silence Push Button
  • DISS Male Oxygen supply inlet connection.
  • 19 mm Scavenging port.

Size in mm

230 long x 230 wide x 380 high