Animal gazeous anesthesia

The AST-01 compact station

Protects animal well-being and user’s health.

Compact and cost-effective inhalation anesthesia workstation for preclinical research and veterinary clinics

It takes good care…

A 2017 report made by a well-know European Quality Control Agency shows the following results. This Agency tested during 8 hours our AST-01 workstation, with its U-Plug filters, its induction box and its two face masks.

The exposure to halogenated gases is close to zero, with no need for any suction table !

The user’s health is fully protected. In this report* our results during 8 hours of use are much better than the most demanding standards and laws in Europe about VLEP**. Please note that the French DGS/3A/667 bis rule, dated from 10 octobre 1985 (Health Ministry) stipulates that the chemical agents concentration in the room should never exceed  2 ppm close to the workers during the anesthesia induction and stabilisation phases. Our results (shown below) are far below those limits, and also far below the Average Values (VME of 10 ppm during 8 hours) suggested in the Demeter DEM062 recommandation, followed by most of the laboratories in France. See by yourself:

  • Actual measures: working 47 mn with AST workstation, we barely reach 6.9% of recommended Exposure Max Values.
  • Extrapolation: working 4 hours with AST workstation, we remain at 35.3% of recommended Exposure Max Values.
  • Extrapolation: working 7:30 hours with AST workstation, we never exceed at 66.7% of recommended Exposure Max Values.

* Confidential report in French, made for one of our most prestigious customer.  ** Limit Values of Professional Exposure to chemical agents in the work environment.

By your side.

Its embedded intelligence turns the AST01 into a quiet and cost-effective personal assistant for gazeous anesthesia.

Moreover, the AST01 is fitted with various algorithms able to deliver the perfect doses for the induction phase and the continuity phase of the animal inhalation anesthesia process. The calculations used in those algorithms create an accurate link between gas doses and the weight and species of each animal (rats, mice, guinea pigs…).

The innovations introduced in this animal anesthesia workstation go in favor of ethics and respect of animal well-being, while offering a perfect repeatability of measures and procédures. Due to the automation and the U-Plug filters design, the expenses related to consumables are drastically reduced (filtres, gas, activated carbon…) giving to the AST-01 the highest Return On Investment capabilitiy.


Doted with a touch screen and embedded intelligence, the AST-01 behaves like a smart assistant precisely following the users instructions, upon request. This is the first animal anesthesia solution of its kind and it is already operative since 2017 in many well-known laboratories, CROs and veterinary clinics. Like all products displaying the Anestéo logo, the AST-01 is made in France.

Patents: see the  “Legal & Credits” page on this website.

Ecrans tactiles de la station d'anesthésie vétérinaire compacte et intelligente.

Advantages for veterinary clinics & preclinical research labs.

  • No need for any suction table or hood (cost effective)
  • Improved protection against halogenated gases.
  • Greater respect of animal well-being.
  • Compact, mobile.
  • Perfect process repeatability.
  • Ergonomic plug-&-play filters, easy to replace while working.
  • Intelligent relationship between the AST-01 and the U-Plug filters.
  • Multi-users mode: back up and protection of diverse protocols.
  • Guaranteed airtightness of the induction box.
  • Gas filtering efficiency multiplied by 10.
  • Less inducing time and less halogenated gases needed.
  • User friendly interface (automated assistant, touchscreen, plug&play setup).
  • Possibility to decontaminate, compatible with H2O2.
  • Less risks of cross-contamination.

Influence of the AST-01 on quality and health

How can the AST-01 protect the operators health whilst performing (preclinical trials or veterinary purposes) ?

The presence of Isoflurane or Sevoflurane in a working environment (laboratory or veterinary clinic) implies significant risks for the user’s health. The consequences vary and include loss of awareness and even dizziness which when working with needles or scalpels can result in work related high risk accidents.

In order to avoid the most frequent and common accidents when dealing with anesthesia, Anestéo developed the airtight induction box and seal, exclusive to Anestéo, along with our gas extraction and recycling devices within our AST-00 or AST-01 animal anesthesia systems.

What is more, the patented automated assistant within the AST-01 permanently ensures that the U-Plug® is still efficient and will last for the duration of your ongoing operation. The real-time calculation of the filters capacity along with the resulting dose of gases needed for the operation is made according to the weight, the number and the species of each animal. All the above prevents large traces of anesthesia gases escaping in the atmosphere of your working space.

Essential for you.   Hence, essential for us.

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100% airtight filters for animal inhalation anaesthesia