AST-00 inhalation station

animal anesthesia on a suction table

for intensive use

The AST00 animal inhalation anesthesia workstation can be mounted above a suction table in order to maximize user's safety in case of intensive use.

This version of the AST-00 animal inhalation anesthesia workstation on a suction table optimises user protection during intensive use. It improves ergonomics especially when using two boxes simultaneously when there is not time enough to lock our airtight lids.

Components list for the table :

  • 4 pieces perforated working deck.
  • Adjustable suction system with 3 levels of filtration.
  • Working deck with induction box holder.
  • Table housing fitted with 4 swivel castors, 2 of them fitted with locking brakes.

Overall size (in mm)

  • Width 1300 – depth 700 – height 820


This device is compatible with :

  • Flowmeters (Air, O², CO², N²O).
  • 1 evaporator (Tec 3, Tec 5, Tec 7, Dräger – Isoflurane or Sevoflurane).
  • 1 distribution block.
  • 1 oxygen generator (or link to your O² pipes or O² bottles).


Mounted on a suction table in order to maximize user's safety in case of intensive use.

Model shown here is fitted with a TEC850 Isoflurane evaporator, which is the latest generation of GE Healthcare evaporator, fitted with an Easy-Fil® adapter. Anestéo is the sole distributor in France of GE Healthcare’s evaporators (contract #017738-01-01).

In case you prefer a semi-automated veterinary inhalation anesthesia workstation (behaving like a smart assistant with embedded calcucalions of doses of halogenated gases according to weight ans species of animal), go to the AST01 animal anesthesia machine page.

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