Would you let
your daily work tool
harm your health ?

Then why let your gas anesthesia equipment do so ?

We do care !

Our innovative gas anesthesia units
help protect both the animal well-being and the searcher’s health

Discover all the features
of the AST01

animal well-being, reduced exposure to halogenated gas,
perfect repeatability of procédures…

Anestéo designs new equipment for animal anesthesia of rodents and other.

Anestéo designs and manufactures a series of innovative anesthesia solutions for animals. Compact and smart, our stations help improving animal well-being, user safety and experiment repeatability in clinics and laboratories. AST-01 is the only gas anesthesia unit on the market where the exposure to halogenated gases is close to zero.

AST-01, the smart assistant for veterinary gazeous anesthesia. Made by Anestéo.

AST-01 gazeous anesthesia station

compact, automated, secure.

AST-01 is the only compact gas anesthesia unit which literally behaves like a smart assistant. The interactive software is designed to fully protect the user’s health and at the same time, drastically improves animal well-being and the repeatability of processes.


Discover the AST-01

made for me ?

Pharma groups

Speed, animal well-being, user’s health


Compact, ergonomic, animal well-being


User health, animal well-being and repeatability


Quick Return On Investment and user health


Compact, ease of use, user health and animal well-being

Topics of the month

The positive influence of automation on animal well-being

By no means should the animal undergo any unnecessary suffering. In order to avoid suffering, the AST-01 automatically calculates and accurately monitors the volume and time of the anesthesia according to the species and weight of an animal, which diminishes any chance of human error.

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2018 Novembre 22

Anestéo sponsors the “Belles Souris” (Nice Mice) Club

Anestéo sponsors the «Belles Souris» club, a french event where many scientific exchanges take place.

2 entrées pour masques anesthésie rongeurs pour imageurs

Custom made masks for rodents in imagers

Institut Curie, our very first customer when Anestéo was launched, now uses our new multimask manifold, compatible with imagers. At the end of 2018, the Institut Curie team...

October in New York city

Last month in New York, Anestéo was with the international leaders in pharmaceutical and medtech research The Prix Galien was created in France in 1970 and its aim is to promote...