Custom made masks for rodents in imagers

Custom made masks for rodents in imagers

Institut Curie, our very first customer when Anestéo was launched, now uses our new multimask manifold, compatible with imagers.

At the end of 2018, the Institut Curie team requested that our 3D Design Department work with them in order to conceive a new type of multimask manifold for rodent anesthesia, compatible with their imagers. Today, we can happily say that they are extremely satisfied with the result delivered early 2019.
Besides from their quality/price ratio, most of our veterinary anesthesia equipment are successful due to their ability to rid the working environment of any trace of Isoflurane gas. This, in return, not only protects the users against uneasiness due to anesthesia gases but favorizes animal well-being through a very efficient and stable narcosis.

Rampe sur-mesure de 5 masques anesthésie Rats pour imageurs

Used with rats and mice, our one-of-a-kind multimask manifold combines unequalled flexibility and ease-of-use, thanks to the smart design of the masks which offers the following features:

  • Efficient dispatching/control of gases within each mask, thanks to individual valves
  • Central and direct gas injection towards the animal muzzle and periphery gas aspiration
  • Working with low flow and low consumption
  • Continuous aspiration within each mask, even when gas injection is off, thus ridding of any remaining traces of gaz in the imager.

Avec l’aimable collaboration du Laboratoire Charles Coulomb de Montpellier.

Other similar anesthesia equipment:  rodents masks or custom designed veterinary equipment.

October in New York city

October in New York city

Last month in New York, Anestéo was with the international leaders in pharmaceutical and medtech research

The Prix Galien was created in France in 1970 and its aim is to promote significant advances in medtechs. By my side on this picture, we can see Didier Ritter (Acobiom), Celia Belline (Cilcare) and many others such as the CEOs of Roche, Pfizer, GSK or Sanofi.

We are looking for a financial partner to launch in 2019 the commercialization of our innovative animal anaesthesia device in the United States.

Tous les leaders mondiaux des grandes pharmas et medtechs.
Photo courtesy of Galien Foundation