Tafonius & SAV-04
animal anesthesia monitors and respirators

for veterinary clinics and schools

Our animal anesthesia monitors and respirators are dedicated to large animals (TAFONIUS) or animal weighing between 10 gr to 10 kg (SAV04). Ideal for veterinary clinics.

Compacity, ease-of-use and convenience.

Why use the Tafonius and/or SAV-04 animal anesthesia monitors ?

Concerning both these units that we distribute and install, the major assets which regularly attract the Veterinary Clinics and Schools are clearly the user friendliness and resulting patient safety. Moreover, the level of noise generated by the Tafonius (monitor and respirator dedicated to large animals) is extremely low when compared to the competitors’ devices. The SAV-04 monitor and respirator (dedicated to animal weighing for 10 gr to 10 kg) has a very small footprint and is compatible with most known anesthesia equipment in veterinary clinics and schools.