gazeous anesthesia solution for public labs

The compact and automated AST-01 animal gazeous anesthesia solution for public labs

Repeatability and backup of anesthesia proceses

Advantages of the AST-01 for public labs: compacity, ease of use and process back-up. No need of any suction table.

All serious preclinical medical research laboratories wish to simultaneously protect the animal’s well-being and the searchers health. However, the compactness and the easy usability of the AST-01 are major assets too. The anesthesia solutions provided by Anestéo occupy little space within your facilities. Furthermore, like the Big Pharma Groups, the laboratories, either public or private, are discovering every day the reassuring aspects of our automated equipment. Most of our solutions have programmed intelligence and are able to identify and make a full back-up of any experimentation protocol conducted. For example when one of our anesthesia equipment is on «multi-users» mode, every protocol from User X is backed up and securely saved and labelled. This specific protocol cannot be altered or erased by User Y who will also be able to conduct his (or her) own specific protocol on the same Anestéo device.

Moreover, the AST-01 anesthesia solution does not need any suction table (thus saving lots of money) to offer the best protection of the user’s health against halogenated gases. See its performances as compared to the most severe regulations in this domain of health protection on the “halogenated gases protection” page and the “exposure to gases is zero” page on this website.