AST01 gazeous anesthesia workstation

Productive, compact and smart

AST01 gazeous anesthesia workstation for CRO's. Productive, compact and smart

Fastest return on investment and improved user health.

AST-01 assets for Clinical Research Organisations

Most Contract Research Organisationss have the same daily needs as the Big Pharmas and the public or private research laboratories in terms of animal well-being and operator’s health when performing anesthesia operations. Amongst the various new features of our animal anesthesia equipment, the most appreciated by the CRO’s appears to be the financial and economical aspect.

Following the purchase of our AST-01, our clients have noted that the Return On Investment (ROI) is less than one year due to the savings generated by our U-plug filters:

  • Saving on purchasing filters (11 times more efficient than others on the market).
  • Savings on Isoflurane consumption.


Exposure to halogenated gases down to zero without needing any suction table.

The health of the user is well protected. Our results are much better than the stringent standards in Occupation Exposure Limits (OELs) during 8 hours. It should be noted that the French circular DGS/3A/667 bis of 10th October 1985 (from the Minister of Health) stipulates that laboratories (rooms) must present a concentration of less than 2 ppm in the proximity of staff during the maintenance phase of the anesthesia. We are well below those limits. See the details on the AST-01 page.

No need to spend money on any suction table or hood, network of pipes, filters or maintenance…