Main benefits

Animal well-being ? Users health ? Quality-to-price ? Repeatability ?

animal anesthesia equipment: AST01 helps improving animal well-being, user’s health and offers the best quality / price ratio.

Will our range of animal anesthesia equipement fit your needs ?

Each of our devices will fit one or several of your needs. Whatever your concern when choosing your animal anesthesia equipment and your objective when working, whether it be, animal well-being, protection of the user’s health when employing anesthesia gases (Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, etc.) or the best quality-to-price ratio, you will soon discover what is best for you.

Those who insist in getting the best repeatability of procedures will enjoy the features of our manual or semi-automatic anaesthesia stations. Most of our solutions are not only behaving like smart anaesthesia assistant, but our range of products also incude induction boxes or chambers, anaesthesia masks for rodents. Many of our animal anesthesia devices such as masks and boxes may be tailored to your specific needs and custom made by our 3D Design department.


AST-01 made for me ?

Big Pharma groups

Speed, animal well-being, user’s health

Public Laboratories

Compact, ergonomic, animal well-being

Private Laboratories

User health, animal well-being and repeatability


Quick Return On Investment and user health

Veterinary Clinics

Compact, ease of use, user health and animal well-being