Users health during animal anesthesia

protection against halogenated gases

Exposure to gases – close to zero.

protection contre gaz halogenes du Technicien en anesthésie animale ou chercheur de laboratoire

Our results (stated in a confidential report from a reknown  European Quality Control independant Institute) are much better than the stringent standards in Occupation Exposure Limits (OELs)* during 8 hours. It should be noted that the French circular DGS/3A/667 bis of 10th October 1985 (from the Ministry of Health), stipulates that laboratories (rooms) must present a concentration of less than 2 ppm in the proximity of staff during the maintenance phase of the anesthesia. Our results, when using the AST-01, are well below the limits of the Ministry of Health (occupational health), much more severe than the Recommended Exposure Limit (REL) or average value mentioned by the Demeter DEM062 (10 ppm on average per 8 hours of exposition) commonly used by the laboratories. Take a little look for yourselves :

  • only   6.9% of OELs / REL** for 47-minute AST-01 use (actual measurement)
  • only 35.3% of OELs / REL** for AST-01 use of 4 hours (extrapolation of measurement over 4 hours)
  • only 66.7% of OELs / REL** for AST-01 use of 7 h 30 min (extrapolation of the measurement over 7:30)

* Occupational Exposure Limits or concentrations of chemicals in the working atmosphere.  ** Recommended Exposure Limit

When innovations protect your health

  • A specific seal, with a patented design, guarantees the perfect airtightness of our Induction Box
  • Monitored by the AST01 inhalation workstation, an automatic gas re-aspiration device is associated with our rodent masks
  • All our U-Plug filters are automatically monitored in real-time by the AST01 anesthesia workstation. Hence, those filters are never saturated.
  • Due to their innovative shape and seals, those same filters can be changed while working