About Anestéo

Created in 2011, Anestéo is a French innovative company that manufactures the only compact veterinary gazeous anesthesia unit able to protect both the animal well-being and the searcher’s health, respecting the strict EU and worldwide norms.

Exposure to halogenated gases is drastically reduced, hence protecting the operator’s health. A new algorithm monitors the induction and continuity of anesthesia in a way that favorise’s animal well-being and improves tests repeatability.

Added to this, the AST-01 provides the highest Return On Investment on the market.

The most well-known preclinical research laboratories currently use our material, (see «references» web page). One of the principal reasons for their choice is that our apparatus is able to reference each individual anesthesia protocol and automatically memorize and chart parameters. The intelligence embedded in our AST-01 animal anesthesia unit helps you to precisely adjust the gas concentration
according to the weight and species of the animals. The calculations helping to generate our graphs are based on several years of tests and statistics in the area of veterinary gazeous anesthesia.
Anestéo also provides quick and efficient after sales or preventive maintenance services on your anesthesia or euthanasia
equipment, even on equipment not designed or manufactured within our facilities.